NVIDIA P102-100 5GB Mining Card

Brand new NVIDIA P102-100 5GB Mining Card


Even though these cards run cool, users do need passive airflow to cool these P102-100 5GB cards. The cards do not come with active cooling fans, just a heatsink.


Overclocked performance with optimized power settings (Based on our experience running these P102-100 5GB)

  • 48 - 51MH/s ETH ±5%

  • 48 - 51MH/s ETC ±5%

  • ~670 Sol/s ZEC ±5%

  • ~890 H/s XMR ±5%

  • 215W ±5% Power Consumption


Please note individual card performance may vary depending on manufacturing batch. This overclocked performance is not a guarantee and will depend on individual card's performance.


Technical Specifications:

  • CUDA Cores: 3200

  • Base Clock: 1582 MHz

  • Memory Clock: 11 Gbps

  • Physical Memory Size: 5 GB

  • Memory Type: GDDR5X

  • Memory Interface Width: 320-bit

  • Memory Bandwidth: 400 GB/s

  • Bus Support: PCIe Gen1 x4

  • Max TDP: 250 Watt

  • Power Connectors: 2x 8-pin PCI-E

  • No DVI or HDMI output


Please note that there is no guarantee in overclocked performance, as it does vary card-to-card. This suggested performance is based on our few weeks of testing with these P102-100 mining cards.


The manufacturer offers a 3-month warranty on the product. Please do take note, as this is shorter than other computer electronic products.

NVIDIA P102-100 5GB Mining Card

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  • No return is accepted for Nvidia P102-100 product once order is confirmed and paid.

  • BITNAND does not provide warranty to the end user. The manufacturer provides all product warranty to the end user. All warranty terms are based on the manufacturer's terms and conditions.

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