A specialized GPU from Nvidia designed for high performance 24/7 mining

NVIDIA P104-100 GPU Mining Card for Etherem Crypocurreny Mining. ETH SIA Miner graphics card.

New and exclusive from BITNAND

Optimized performance of the Nvidia P104-100 mining card (Based on our experience running these cards)

  • 40MH/s ETH

  • 135W Power Consumption

The Nvidia P104-100 mining card is designed for mining the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitfury B8 50TH/s Miner

Review coming soon

NVIDIA P104-100 Mining Card
8 x P104 Complete Mining Rig
NVIDIA P104-100 Mining Card

The most powerful and efficient GPU mining card on sale right now

Technical Specifications:

  • Graphics Processing NVIDIA P104-100

  • Core Clock Boost 1733 MHz / Base 1607MHz

  • CUDA® Cores 1920

  • Process Technology 16 nm

  • Memory Clock 10010 MHz

  • Memory Size 4 GB

  • Memory Type GDDR5X

  • Memory Bus 256 bit

  • Card Bus PCI-E 1.1 x4

  • PCB Form    ATX

  • Power Connectors 8pin ATX (12V)

  • TGP 180W-225W

  • No DVI or HDMI output

3 months warranty offered by the official manufacturer

Tom Denison, Head of Mining at Canadian Operations

We expanded our mining operations around Nov 2017 to beyond Bitmain ASICs. We approached BITNAND Mining to source GPU mining systems and was satisfied by the technical expertise they provided.

Anand Ranadivé, Hamilton California USA based Mining Farm

BITNAND Mining helped us built our new mining farm in Hamilton. They supplied high quality and high performance mining products at a competitive price.

Ryan S Marshall, New Business Development at Clytron Technologies

We approached BITNAND Mining to design a new mining warehouse and source GPU mining rigs. They were able to secure P104-100 cards when nobody else could.

Watch the NVIDIA P104-100 mining card in action

Based on our own experience running these P104-100 cards, we are getting around 40MH/s +/- 5% at optimized settings single-mining ETH using Claymore Miner V11 in Ubuntu Linux.

  • Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

  • NVIDIA Linux driver version 387.34

  • Claymore V11.0 miner (single-mining ETH)

These are electronics products, meaning your experience may vary card-to-card depending on a lot of factors such as memory quality, GPU chip quality, system performance etc.

NVIDIA P104-100 Mining Card

New and exclusive from BITNAND

NVIDIA P104-100 x 8
Complete Mining System

Complete Plug-and-Mine System


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