Review: 8-GPU 4U Rack Mining System

(Updated for 2019!)

A well-designed, sturdy, and professional rack-based enclosed mining system. Perfect for professional and home mining.


Updated 3rd February 2019



Incredible hash rate

Loves to be overclocked

Small form factor

Excellent power efficiency

Excellent ROI

Very quiet


Did we say this is a unicorn?

No display output

Finicky driver setup

You can purchase the 8-GPU 4U Rack Mining System from BITNAND MINING
What is the 8-GPU 4U Rack Mining System?

The Bitnand Mining 8-GPU 4U rack mining system is a new generation of mining barebone system. The system can be paired with any AMD or Nvidia graphics card. The system comes with a riserless 8-GPU motherboard, which is equipped with a low power mobile Intel Celeron processor. The mobile processor helps reduce the miner's electricity costs. Little things add up in the long-term.

The system is fully enclosed in a standard 4U rack case. This means dust won't accumulate in the system as easily compared to an open-air case. The enclosed designed is also an enhanced level of safety for the user, especially if you have pets or children at home.

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What does the P104-100 card look like?
Nvidia P104-100 GPU mining accelerator card. Great fo Ethereum ETH mining. Fastest performane GPU for mining.
Nvidia P104-100 GPU mining accelerator card. Great fo Ethereum ETH mining. Fastest performane GPU for mining.

The P104-100 GPU mining card vs MSI 1070 Armor size comparison

The P104-100 GPU mining card is surprisingly small compared to many modern day GPUs. This means it's easier for you to build your mining rig. It's also easier to deal with the rig cooling because you've got all these extra cooling space. If you think cooling is a problem right now, wait til it's summer in six months. You will have a real big problem by then.

Nevertheless, every single P104-100 card we have tested runs surprisingly cool. Even at full hash power, we rarely see any card going above 60'C. On the other hand, it's pretty common for overclocked GeForce GTX 1070 or Radeon RX580 to shoot pass 70'C.

Nvidia P104-100 GPU mining cad in opeation

The P104-100 GPU mining card running as part of a bigger GTX 1070 rig

Performance Test Set-up

NVIDIA P104-100 GPU Mining Accelerator Card

Biostar TB250-BTC PRO

Intel Celeron G3900 Processor


128GB SSD Hard Drive

7 x MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor (For comparison)

Corsair TX850M x 2

Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

NVIDIA Linux Driver Version 387.34

Claymore V10.0 miner (single-mining ETH)

What is the performance of the NVIDIA P104-100 Mining Accelerator Card?

This card is designed for performance. Period. At default factory settings before any optimization and overclocking, we are getting 34 - 35MH/s single-mining ETH using Claymore V10.0 in Ubuntu. This is a huge 35% boost compare to a run-of-the-mill GeForce GTX 1070 performance, which is around 26MH/s at default factory settings.

The P104-100 GPU mining card getting 35MH/s at default factory settings

Overclocked & Optimized  -  40MH/s performance

We followed the instructions from our trusted manufacturer and flashed an optimized BIOS designed for mining memory-intensive algorithms such as Ethash. The BIOS runs a set of new memory timings that suits this particular model's GDDR5X 4GB memory chips.

After the BIOS flash, we started a new round of overclocking to test the limits of the P104-100 card. We found out the card can run very stable at -200MHz core frequency with +1600MHz memory frequency using nvidia-settings in Linux. At the same time, we discover the power usage of each card can be capped at 135W. Achieving 40MH/s at 135W is an amazing performance with incredible power efficiency.

Overclocked & Optimized

Factory Default

ETH Hashrate






We have 9 P104-100 running in a stable formation at 40MH/s each for ETH mining. Power is capped at 135W per card.

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355MH/s for 9 x P104-100 mining system. Each card is running at 40MH/s

We hope you enjoyed reading our NVIDIA P104-100 review!